5 Tips to Holiday Styling your Dinner Party

If you’re looking to add pizzazz to your holiday table this year, the Peppi Blog has taken a few good words of advice from The Havenly Blog. While traditional looks during the holidays bring back the good vibes of holidays past, but sometimes the best way to set the mood of celebration is to create a table setting that feels modern, fresh and a bit unexpected. If you’re not feeling the china this year, try following our 5 tips for creating a modern holiday table.

1. Use minimal textiles as a base layer


While a more traditional table might include a crisp white tablecloth, placemats and sculpted napkins, the modern table setting is more laid back. Opt for a minimalist table runner to span the length of your table, use metal chargers instead of cloth placemats and skip the napkin rings for a more casual napkin display.

2. Add a bold pop of colour


Napkins, flowers or appetizer plates are a great opportunity to add some lively color to a modern holiday table. We love the bold contrast of bright purple against a modern white table in this look, but really any contrasting color will add a unique touch to your look. Remember, be unexpected!

3. Change up your flatware


While silverware is a classic choice for any formal dinner, switching up your flatware for special occasions is a subtle detail that makes a big impact. We love mixed metal flatware, gold or matte black for an edgier look.

4. Set a mood with accent lighting

Lighting can quickly set a tone for your dinner party. Instead of using your normal overhead lights, use candles or buffet lamps to create a more intimate setting. Dimmed overhead lighting is also a quick way to create that cozy restaurant vibe at home.

5. Incorporate a mix of materials

Think outside of “sets” and gather pieces from different serving collections. Mixing materials, colors and patterns throughout your dinnerware and glassware creates a one-of-a-kind modern holiday table that is personal, unique and memorable.

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