5 Secret Restaurant & Bars to Uncover in South East Asia

The Peppi Blog is going back to its roots with a twist of local flavour. We’ve planted a ‘culturati’ insider behind the velvet ropes of the most happening destinations in our neighbouring countries. A coveted list awaits you on all that’s hot and happening in the Asia Pacific. From Kuala Lumpur to Singapore to Bangkok and alas a final stop to Hong Kong. Food for thought for your next weekend getaway!

Issaya Siamese Club, Bangkok Thailand

Issaya, an old Thai word for rainy season, was chosen as the name of this idyllic restaurant and lounge bar because its beautiful tropical gardens particularly flourish in the rain. Alongside the restaurant, the Siamese Club is a stylish lounge bar inspired by old-school members’ clubs, featuring classic cocktails with a modern tweak.

Image via Issaya Siamese Club Facebook

Lucha Luco, Singapore

Lucha Loco is a taqueria and garden bar serving authentic Mexican food and quality tequilas, located at 15 Duxton Hill, Singapore. Truly a blast, the venue is throbbing with excitement by night fall with the likes of swinging pinatas, sombrero hats and taco buffets for one and all.

Image via Lucha Loco Facebook
Image via Lucha Loco Facebook

Ophelia, Hong Kong

Ophelia intriguing location is hidden behind an exotic bird shop and is inspired by the upscale opium dens of the 19th century. The waitresses are dressed in cheongsams and the interiors are decorated with plush furniture and a plethora of peacock feathers as the main aesthetic.

Image via Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong

Merchants Lane, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Located in the cultural metropolis of Petaling Street, China Town, Merchant Lane has fast escalated to become one of the city’s most instagrammable destinations with its old-charm persona that derives design inspiration from different cultural phases of Malacca, Ipoh & Penang. With a menu of delightful small platters and an ambiance that exudes a sincere rustic charm – Merchants Lane is a must-visit.

Image via Merchants Lane Facebook



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