Introducing #MissPeppi, a Mystery Muse 

Bags Packed!

Just a glimpse of a leather trimmed canvas duffle or a suitcase topped with a slice of bright ribbon is all it takes to send us daydreaming of a getaway. Step in the shoes of Peppermint Avenue’s new illusive muse as we introduce a bright eyed, bushy tailed persona named #MISSPEPPI.

As #MissPeppi says,

“the art of packing our off-duty finest comes down to an unscientific science. In the spirit of the great escape we prefer to travel light. For what’s a vacation if not a chance to leave (almost) all of it behind?”

#MissPeppi will unveil her ultimate commandments with each dawn of each day. You’ll find her in the middle of a dancefloor, at the top of a mountain and at the cusp of a zeitgeist. Live vicariously through her and you will find yourself WILD & FREE.

Fashion, culture and colour are her penchants. But here’s a few words of advise as we enter the fashion circuit, #MissPeppi Rule 01 on the Peppi Blog…

Plan your outfits..

early starts do not a style statement make.

Wear a coat on your shoulders – instant drama.

The crazy print on Peppermint Avenue’s Bianca Jagger makes me feel unstoppable even on no sleep. Oh yes, sleep. That can wait until October.


“One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things”

— xoxo #MissPeppi


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