#ESCAPE: Must-Know Travel & Design Instagrams

The Peppi Blog is skipping to a different beat for the BIG #Escape to the digital realm of social media. We share our top 5 underrated social media personalities that take the road less travelled. The bloggersphere has been redefined as witness the dawn of the new-age traveller of today, intellectual, savvy and visually stimulating. The Peppi Blog countdown to the five most-favourited ‘Travel-Architect’ wanderers of the world.

1. @nicole_franzen

New York photographer Nicole is always travelling, documenting her journey with diaristic photographs of everything from the outdoors to food and interiors.


2. @hebdomania

The ultimate modern traveller, Thibault photographs quirky buildings, landscapes and shapes.


3. @carleyscamera

Carley’s minimal and clean style has led to her becoming a well-established travel blogger, with stunning sky-meets-ocean photographs.


4. @anneparavion

From New York to San Francisco, Anna is an adventurous explorer with a love of design and bright colours.


5. lusttforlife

Olivia, the ultimate contemporary-cool traveller, shows us how to do it in style.


For more stylestalking, visit The Peppi Blog’s STYLESPIRATION pages!


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